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Around the World - A comprehensive systematic review and bibliometric analysis of food fraud from a global perspective


Jun 21, 2023

Global demand for food has increased over the years owing to the growing world population size. However, the growing demand has created an avenue for fraudsters to invade the food market with sub-standard products. Therefore, this study sought to synthesise and comprehensively review the available literature on food fraud. Three themes were generated from the 118 papers retrieved from Scopus. The data were analysed using Ms Excel, VOS-viewer and Bibliometrix (Biblioshinny). The results revealed that food fraud had gained increasing concern over the years. Countries like the USA, the UK, Canada and China have been relevant in combating the rising incidence of food fraud. Food products such as organic food, sseafood, food supplements and olive oil are the primary target for perpetrators. The complexity of modern and conventional marketing channels has a significant correlation with food fraud. Lack and inadequate enforcement and supervision of local and international trade regulations have exacerbated the incidence of food fraud in marketing. Again, low levels of countermeasures and technological tools for instant authentication of agricultural products have also negatively increased the global implications of food fraud. From the analysis, it is recommended that countries collaborate to adopt holistic food safety standards and rigorous intervention approaches to detect, dissuade, and prevent fraud activities of individuals and companies.

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