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Indonesia - Supervision of the safety of processed food from the perspective of consumer protection law


Jan 11, 2023

Food safety needs to be a concern for all stakeholders, especially the existence of standards that guarantee the safety of consumers. Supervision is needed to prevent and act against perpetrators who do not comply. The studies to analyze the government’s supervision system for processed food products according to the applicable laws and regulations are important. The purpose of these studies is to describe and analyze the supervision of the safety of processed food from the perspective of applicable laws and regulations and the mechanism for restoring consumer rights when there is a violation by business actors according to consumer protection law. This research is normative-qualitative research, which is conducting research by describing the data obtained based on legal norms, theories, concepts, and rules that are relevant to the object. The data obtained in connection with this research is a document study of secondary data. Supervision of processed food safety in Indonesia involved several ministries and the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). Integrated steps are needed in the food safety control system, so that it can result in an increase in the effectiveness of food safety assurance. The results of this study are useful for providing input for regulators and policy makers in the food sector at the technical implementation level. In addition, increasing the awareness of business actors to always pay attention and comply with food safety standards aimed at ensuring consumer safety is important. 

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