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New guidance on the definition of nanomaterial adopted

European Union

May 05, 2023

A new guidance document will help industries and national authorities to implement the Commission's new definition of nanomaterials. It aims to align different regulatory sectors with the new definition and ensure consistency across industries.

In June 2022, the Commission published a new Recommendation aimed at harmonising the interpretation of the term 'nanomaterial' in regulatory contexts. The updated definition of nanomaterials replaces the previous one released in October 2011 and presently used in several legislations including REACH – the main EU regulation on industrial chemicals.

The new definition makes it easier to identify nanomaterials. These materials consist of solid natural, incidental, or man-made particles and most of the particles are in the 1-100 nanometre range. It serves different policy, legislative and research purposes when addressing nanomaterials or issues concerning products of nanotechnologies.


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