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Food (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2022


Sep 30, 2022

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA)  published Circular on Food (Amendment No. 2) Regulation 2022.  The Food (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2022 will come into operation on 3 October 2022.

This set of amendments makes changes to the Food Regulations to delete 59 standards of identity (see Annex).

The food industry has been consulted via a public consultation exercise from 15 March 2022 to 16 May 2022.

The deletion of the 59 standards of identity does not compromise food safety. Food businesses continue to be responsible for ensuring that the name or product descriptor as labelled is accurate and sufficient to reflect the true nature and contents of the prepacked food product, and to ensure that the food does not carry claims or suggestions that are false, misleading or deceptive, or are likely to create an erroneous impression regarding the value, merit or safety of the food. SFA has the power to take regulatory action should there be non-compliance with the regulatory requirements


Check the full text of the documents (in English), click on the  Link

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