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Jun 29, 2020

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has made available additional guidance on new requirements regarding the provision of allergen information for foods that are packed at the sales premises. The recent legal change requires that foods that are prepacked for direct sale include a list of ingredients which clearly emphasises any allergens. Previously, such information (for foods that are prepacked for direct sale) could be provided by any means of choice, including orally upon request by the customer. To provide more clarity on the scope of the new rules, the UK FSA has updated the Technical Guidance for Allergen Labelling. The new provisions aim to assist food business operators in understanding whether the new requirements will affect their selling practices. Note that foods which do not bear any label or which are packed upon the customer’s request remain exempted from the obligation. The new requirements for will come into effect 1 October 2021.

UK FSA (18 June 2020) - FSA publishes updated allergen guidance to reflect changes to labelling laws - link

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