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Jan 04, 2019

On October 17, 2018, the State Administration of Markets and Regulation(SAMR) announced the latest batch of approved infant formula registration, including 18 formulas from Zhangjiakou Chaer Dairy Co., Ltd. and Hulunbeier Newtech Dairy Co., Ltd. (See the table in the end of the article).


According to the statistics from Global Foodmate, compare this batch to the last time (August 14, 2018) registered milk powder formula companies approval list, all the brands are domestic dairy brands in China. As of today, 1,195 recipes have been approved. Among them, there are 918 formulas registered by domestic enterprises, and 277 formulas of overseas enterprises are registered.


Since February of this year, the speed of work related to the registration of milk powder formula has started to slow down from the second half of last year. According to sources from the industry, there are still more than 100 overseas formulations that have already submitted applications that have not yet been approved.


In fact, the current regulatory authorities have also given guidance on new situations that have emerged during the advancement of the milk powder formula registration process. On July 26th, the State Administration of Market Regulation issued an announcement on the official website on the public consultation for the “Guidelines for the Registration of Ingredients for the Formulation of Infant Formula Milk Powder Products (Draft for Comment)”: According to the above announcement, during the validity period of the registration certificate, under the conditions that the types of raw materials are unchanged, the order of ingredients and the table of nutrients are unchanged, the use of food raw materials and food additives during actual production is allowed to be reasonably fluctuated or adjusted within a certain range, and enterprises do not need to apply for product formula change registration. However, if there is a significant difference before and after the product formula change, the nutrient composition table changes, and the type of production process (wet process, dry process, dry-wet combination process) changes, it is not within the scope of product formula change, the enterprise should re-apply for Product formula registration.

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Source: Global Foodmate

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