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Aug 29, 2018

Glutamic acid and its salts (E 620-625), commonly referred to as glutamates, are authorized food additives in the EU. The addition of glutamates is generally permitted up to a maximum level of 10 g/kg of food. In salt substitutes, seasonings and condiments, there is no numerical maximum permitted level for glutamates and they must be used in line with good manufacturing practices.  

EFSA re-assessed the safety of glutamates used as food additives and derived a group acceptable daily intake (ADI) of 30 mg/kg body weight per day for all six of these additives (corresponding to 2,1 g using a body weight of 70 kg). This safe level of intake is based on the highest dose at which scientists observed no adverse effects on test animals in toxicity studies.

We will keep an eye on the reactions of the European commission and Member states to see what effect this advice will have in practice .

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