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Egypt - Evidence-Based Requirements for Authorizing Caffeinated Energy Drinks in the Arab Republic of Egypt


Jun 10, 2024

A monograph for Caffeinated Energy Drinks (CEDs) was developed by the National Food Safety Authority of the Arab Republic of Egypt (NFSA), as the basis of approval of formulations of CEDs destined to be marketed in Egypt.
This monograph includes recommended requirements of formulation and labelling and will serve as the basis for rapid review and approval of such products. CED Products seeking to access the Egyptian market and fulfilling these requirements will be considered in compliance with the obligations of safety and quality needed for these products and will then follow a swift registration procedure by the National Food Safety Authority of Egypt (NFSA).
This report offers the evidence-based justification of the decisions reached by NFSA scientists and regulators supporting the CED monograph. It is based on the review and adaptation of previous assessments conducted by reputable international food regulatory organisations, such as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and Health Canada. This report does not represent a typical risk assessment as some data such as those related to consumption information of the Egyptian population of these products are lacking.
Making this report available, to support NFSA’s food regulatory decision on CEDs fulfills the commitments of transparency pursued by NFSA as part of the implementation of the Authority’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2026.
The first version of this paper, published in the Journal of the National Food Safety Authority of Egypt (JNFSA) is intended for public consultation and input from peer scientists, regulators and NFSA’s stakeholders, domestically and internationally.


Author(s):  Harahap, S. B., Saragih, A., & Siregar, B. J.

Published in: JNFSA.


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