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FSANZ Approves New Processing Aids and Food Enzymes


Nov 09, 2023

The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has approved variations to the FSANZ Code arising from the following applications:

  • A1250 Application for approval of Pullulanase from GM Bacillus subtilus (gene donor: Bacillus deramificans) as a processing aid (in English), click on the Link
  • A1267 Application for approval of Fructanase from GM Trichoderma reesei as a processing aid (in English), click on the Link
  • A1268 Application for approval of Steviol glycosides produced by bioconversion using new enzymes produced by GM Escherichia coli as processing aids (in English), click on the Link

The Code variations have been notified to the Food Ministers' Meeting, which has now 60 days to either request FSANZ to review the approved standards or inform FSANZ that it does not intend to request a review. 

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