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EU - Genome editing in food and agriculture: from regulations to consumer perspectives

European Union

Apr 12, 2024

Genome editing (GE) has emerged as a technology that could revolutionize food and agricultural production. While its advent has evoked enthusiasm for a more sustainable food system, there exists heterogeneity in regulations and public opinions regarding the technology. This review discusses evidence on the implications of government regulations on GE, and perceptions of genome-edited (GEd) food and related regulations. The review highlights consumers’ positive attitude and preference for GEd foods when compared with genetically modified foods, despite the limited awareness and knowledge of GE technology. While policy changes might trigger debates, providing tailored benefits, information to consumers could further improve their attitude toward GE.


Author(s):  Atimango, A.O., Wesana, J., Kalule, S.W., Verbeke, W and De Steur, H

Published in: Current Opinion in Biotechnology

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