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EU - The European Union’s Deregulation Of Plants Obtained From New Genomic Techniques: A Critique And An Alternative Option


Mar 06, 2024

The EU is about to relax its oversight of genetically modified organisms, focusing on plants and products that are obtained through certain new genomic techniques. The aim is to promote new genomic techniques as an innovative technology and employing it as a means to transform agriculture to sustainability. The present contribution describes and evaluates the planned reform. It discusses whether standards of legal certainty and legitimacy are met, how environmental side-effects are taken into account, how sustainability goals are integrated, what socio-economic effects are to be expected, and whether higher rank law is respected. As several shortcomings are found an alternative approach is submitted that combines a certain easing of administrative oversight with better integration of sustainability goals. Auspices for organic and conventional GMO-free agriculture are also sketched out.


Author(s):  Winter, Gerd.

Published in: Universität Bremen

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