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EU - Regulation of genetically modified organisms, food and feed in the EU with particular reference to Poland – protection of consumers and the environment or merely a response to public expectations?


Dec 21, 2023

This article aims to establish the rationale for its introduction within the European Union and subsequent changes to the legal regulation of its release into the environment, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and the placement of genetically modified food and feed on the market. Following the presentation of the original regulation, public reactions to GMOs and the resulting changes in the European Union and national regulations are discussed based on cases before the European Court of Justice. The analysis leads to the conclusion that in the case of GMOs and genetically modified food and feed, the legislature has acted mainly based on public expectations, while neglecting a full scientific assessment of the solutions adopted to protect consumers and the environment.



Author(s):  Wojciechowski,  Paweł.

Published in: Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Law

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