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Chapter 14 - Regulatory overview of genome-edited plants in Asian countries


Nov 29, 2023

Genome-edited plants are a type of genetically modified organism (GMO) that has been altered with the purpose of improving their characteristics. The use of genome-editing technology in plants has raised concerns about its potential environmental and health impacts, particularly in Asian countries where regulations on GMOs remain largely undeveloped or inconsistent. This essay will provide an overview of the regulatory landscape for genome-edited plants in Asia, focusing on China, Japan, South Korea, and India. The discussion on regulation of genome-editing technology began in the scientific community in China in 2014. In addition to this requirement for approval before commercialization there is also a post market monitoring system established by Chinese authorities to ensure safety standards are being met after release into the environment. India and South Korea have yet to develop comprehensive legislation specifically regulating genetic engineering activities related to plant breeding programs.


Author(s):  Yang, Y & Zhou, H

Published in: Genome Modified Plants and Microbes in Food and Agriculture, Global Regulatory Outlook for CRISPRized Plants

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