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The legal aspect of the current use of genetically modified organisms in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda


May 15, 2023

Many African nations place a high priority on enhancing food security and nutrition. However, unfavorable environmental conditions interfere with the achievement of food security in Africa. The production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) presents intriguing possibilities for improving food security on the continent. In Africa, countries in the same regions have different GMO usage policies and laws. While some nations are updating their laws and policies to allow GMOs, others are still debating whether they are worth the risk. However, there is still little information available regarding the most recent status of GMO applications in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The current review summarizes the state of GMO applications for enhancing food security in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Currently, Tanzania and Uganda do not accept GMOs, but Kenya does. This study can assist governments, academics, and policymakers in enhancing GMO acceptance for boosting nutrition and food security in their nations.

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