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The study of genetically modified organism (GMO) and regulatory framework in India for GMO food products


Mar 23, 2023

Advancements and innovations happening in various disciplines are significantly changing every sector of the world. Agriculture and biotechnology together have introduced many advance techniques and methods to increase the quality and quantity of agricultural produce. One such technique is genetically engineered food or genetically modified organism (GMO) in plant based produce or given to animals to increase the overall produces from both. Well, every new technology when hits the market seems fancy at first as it solves few major issues quickly but if their long term effects on humans, animals and environment studied deeply they create many hidden health issues. Genetically modified organism also solved the problems of shortage of food supply, protecting plant from pests, increasing in crop yield. Many studies have been conducted on GMO so far and they recorded many health issues in humans as well as animals who were fed genetically engineered food; still the scientific research is going on to dig this topic deep. But soon after these conclusions many countries started having active laws and regulations on GMO food production and started promoting organic food products and more natural farming methods. The paper takes review of all such adverse health effect of GMO on human's health and discuses the regulatory framework and laws related to GMO available in India.

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