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Genetically modified organisms in Russia: state of affairs, politics, and regulation


Feb 13, 2023

This book chapter discusses (1) the history and contemporary state of affairs with the research and development of GM products in Russia, (2) the status of the interest group politics on the issue GMO along with the positions of the key stakeholders of this politics, (3) the policy, and (4) the government agencies that regulate the use of GMOs in Russia.

The chapter thoroughly elaborates on the key interest groups and major government institutions involved in the Russian GMO interest group politics demonstrating the impact that different stakeholders such the members of the scientific community, anti-GMO groups, media, religious groups, and other interest groups have on the government in Russia in the formulation of the national GMO policies.

The chapter also offers a list of policies enacted in the field of GMO regulation on the territory of the Russian Federation along with the government programs that encourage development of the GMO practices in the country.

Besides, it also discusses the agency regulation of GM products in Russia along with their certification, registration, and labeling.

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