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Genetically modified organism status, regulation, approval, labeling, and consumer perception in ASEAN


Feb 09, 2023

From the total global area of 189.8 million ha that has been planted with GM crops, about 990,343 ha (1.9%) is in ASEAN. Three GM crops, that is, maize, cotton, and sugarcane, are currently growing in four ASEAN countries (the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Indonesia) with government approval. Some ASEAN Member States (AMS) imported biotech products for processing into food and feed. Most AMS now have a regulatory system for approving the commercialization of GM crops and the labeling of food derived from GM crops. Some AMS were active in conducting R&D of GM crops and increasing public awareness of the risk and benefit of GMOs, done either by the government, university, or through the National Biotechnology Information Center. Several surveys of public awareness, public perception, and acceptance of GMOs also have been conducted in some AMS countries.

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