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South Korea - Definition on “Foods With Function Claims (FFC)” and How to Resolve the Issues Caused by the FFC

South Korea

Jul 25, 2022

General foods cannot be labeled or advertised for their functionality. Although the Food with Function Claims (FFC) belongs to general foods, it is permitted to claim functionality only in a limited scope when it fulfills certain requirements. The implementation of the function claim system generates two issues. First, it is difficult for consumers to discern the FFC from health functional foods (HFF). Second, the system does not conform to laws and regulatory systems because the implementation is bound by subordinate legislation not by law. It has been controversial over how to solve the issues. To address the problems, InSoon Nam, a member of the National Assembly, is currently pushing to amend the “Entire Revision (Bill) of the Health Functional Food Act” to HEALTH FUNCTIONAL FOODS ACT. The attempt for revision is considered helpful to regulate functional foods comprehensively and systematically in especially managing raw materials or ingredients of functional foods.

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