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Research on Legal Regulation of Genetically Modified Food

Dec 01, 2020

Genetically modified food, as an important achievement in the development of biotechnology, plays the same dual role in human beings as other scientific and technological achievements. Due to the particularity of genetically modified food compared with ordinary food, the possible issues must be regulated by law effectively. Developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, etc., have set up the examination and approval system, isolation system and labeling system for testing and listing. In the supervision of genetically modified food, America has also established the legal principle of non discrimination. Combined with the current legal regulation situation of genetically modified food in China, measures should be taken to legislate it formally, promulgate practical implementation regulations, establish industry access system, strengthen investment in law enforcement and adhere to the legal principle of non-discrimination. This can ensure that the legal regulation of genetically modified food in China can not only effectively prevent the special safety risks produced by genetically modified food, but also not hinder the normal development of the genetically modified industry.



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