We advise our clients on the placing of the market of food products in the entire EU on the basis of the mutual recognition principle. We help to strategically choose the Member State of first placing on the market, thus paving the way for access to the market in the rest of the Member States. During the last 15 years, Food Compliance Int. has successfully placed thousands of food products on the EU market by virtue of the mutual recognition principle.

We design the regulatory strategy for firms willing to expand into the EU market and hlep choosing the country of first commercialization for the subsequent application of the mutual recognition principle.

By virtue of the mutual recognition principle, products lawfully marketed and/or manufactured in a Member State can be sold throughout the EU even if they do not comply with the national rules of the Member State of destination.

In the food sector, the favorable application of this principle is often the  object of hindering measures from the enforcing authorities. In reality, this principle, cornerstone of the internal market, can only be hindered in a few number of cases, principally related to public health reasons.  

The mutual recognition principle applies in the areas that are not harmonized by EU legislation, such as the maximum levels of vitamins and minerals and the addition of other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect to food supplements and fortified foods, which remains subject to national laws of the Member States.

The Member State where a food is first placed on the market should be chosen strategically. Not only should the product comply with the national requirements of this Member State, other factors should be taken into account. For products subject to a notification requirement, obtaining registration proof from the first Member States facilitates subsequent notification in other Member States on the basis of mutual recognition. For this reason, a first notification of food supplements and fortified foods in Member States such as Belgium, where an official registration number is issued, has proven be be an excellent way to enter the rest of the EU market.

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