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WHO Regional Office for Europe nutrient profile model

European Union

Mar 20, 2023

This publication describes the regional nutrient profile model for use and, if necessary, adaptation by Member States in the WHO European Region in developing policies to restrict marketing of unhealthy foods to children. The second edition, presented in this report, is an updated version of the model published in 2015. It incorporates lessons learnt during adaptation of that model by Member States and by other WHO regional offices. A brief history of the WHO Regional Office for Europe nutrient profile model developed in 2015 is provided, followed by how it has been updated. This edition is based on an expert meeting held in September 2021 by the Regional Office and on work of the European Union’s Joint Action on Healthy Food for a Healthier Future (‎Best-ReMaP)‎. The draft updated model was tested by 13 Member States that were partners in the Best-ReMaP Joint Action to compare the classification of foods with that in the 2015 model and to identify any practical issues in its application. The second edition of the nutrient profile model for the WHO European Region (‎NPM 2023)‎ is presented and its features described. They include its scope, the food categories for which there are different thresholds, the nutrient and other components that are taken into account, the threshold themselves and definitions of all terms.

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