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European Parliament blocks new definition of “Engineered Nanomaterial”

European Union

Apr 26, 2024

In a surprising repeat of history, the European Parliament (EP) blocks the recent proposal of the European Commission for a Delegated Regulation which would change the definition of “Engineered Nanomaterial”. The new definition would allow materials used as food additives to be up to 49.9% made up of nanomaterials without being labelled as “nano”.

Almost exactly 10 years ago, the EC attempted to pass a very similar Delegated Regulation and was similarly blocked by the EP. The reason the EP gave for blocking this regulation remains the same as it was back then: essentially, the definition is not strict enough.

For companies using nanomaterials, the regulatory situation remains unchanged for now. Whether and when the EC will amend its proposal to accommodate the EPs wishes remains uncertain.

For more information on the EPs resolution, click this link.

For the ECs proposal, click this link.


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