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New rules to prevent food waste reduction


Mar 20, 2024

The President of Romania signed the Decree No. 230/2024 regarding the enactment of the Law No. 49/2024 on food waste reduction.

The new measures are:

  • Less bureaucracy: the procedure by which non-governmental organizations can receive not highly perishable food will be simplified.
  • Creation of a national platform for reporting food waste data from operators managed by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Stores, restaurants, canteens and authorities that also manage food will be obliged to implement at least two of the measures provided by the law before throwing food in the trash.

Some of the measures that can be implemented by economic operators or authorities are:

  • Reducing the price of food before its expiration date.
  • Food donation.
  • Transfer of food so that it can be reused in animal feed.

For further information (in Rumanian), click on the Link


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