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Regulation of pesticide residues in food in the MERCOSUR: a much needed discussion for health surveillance


Apr 17, 2023

The objective of this descriptive and exploratory study with a qualitative basis was to identify MERCOSUR resolutions on pesticide residues in food issued between 1991 and 2022, analyzing the regional harmoni- zation processes of these milestones and their incorporation into the regulatory framework of MERCOSUR founding Member States (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay). The analysis identified important points for the regulation and monitoring of pesticide residues in food in MERCOSUR, such as the synonyms used in the definition of pesticides and the scope of the regulatory system in each country, the marked differences in the scope of the main national regulatory frameworks, the unequal incorporation of international and regional regulations by the Member States and the challenges for harmonizing legislation on pesticide residues in food within MERCOSUR. In addition to the limited advances observed in the attempt to harmonize the relevant legislation within the bloc, there is a need to advance, nationally and regionally, in the processes to regulate pesticide residues in food, so as to ensure the quality of the products and services provided to the population and also to strengthen safer agro/food trade that relies on processes that are less harmful to the environment

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