We have extensive experience ensuring compliance of nutrition and health claims made on foods. We help our clients achieve compliance, make optimal use of the available possibilities under the Regulation and prepare, file and coordinate applications for new health claims. Our work in this area is highly recognized, not only by our clients but also by the EU institutions. Our experience in this field includes working with one of the world’s leading dairy products manufacturer in their high-profile Article 13(5) and 14 applications.

The use of nutrition and health claims is harmonized under Regulation 1924/2006. The Regulation establishes when and how information on particular beneficial nutritional properties of a food and on the relationship between a food and health can be communicated to consumers. The rules apply to any voluntary type of message in the labelling, presentation and advertising of foods, whether in written, pictorial, graphic or symbolic.

We assisted a food sector association in advocating a legal policy revision by the European Commission in relation to health claims.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Health and Nutrition Claims in the EU

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