We have experience in a wide variety of areas including EU regulation and policy (compliance, animal testing), labelling and advertising issues, product registration (through the European Cosmetics Products Notification Portal), classification procedures (distinction between cosmetics, medicinal products, biocides or medical devices), and product liability (withdrawals, recalls), among others.

We often review the composition and labelling of cosmetic products to be placed on the EU market, notify them before the European Commission and advise on regulatory issues arising from their marketing.

Whilst giving cosmetic product companies more freedom to formulate their products when using substances other than colorants, preservatives and UV-filters. Regulation 1223/2009 sets detailed requirements regarding the responsibility of cosmetic product companies along the supply chain, as well as establishes detailed obligations for proving and documenting the safety of cosmetic products. The European Union and Member State authorities also pay close attention to claims made on cosmetic products, as well as to the demarcation of cosmetic products from other categories of products such as medicinal products, biocides and medical devices.

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