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Hong Kong issued Food Adulteration (Metallic Contamination)(Amendment) Regulations 2018

Hong Kong

Nov 29, 2018

HongKong government issued updated standard for metallic contamination in the Food Adulteration (Metallic Contamination) (Amendment) Regulations 2018. The regulations will come into force on 1 November 2019. The main purpose for the amendment is to update the regulations to align with Codex Principles and other relevant international standards. Some of the updates/changes are as follows

·         Inclusion of additional metallic contaminants: barium, boron, copper, manganese, nickel, selenium and uranium. This will increase the total number of metallic contaminants from the existing 7 to 15.

·         The number of maximum levels (MLs) for metallic contaminants in respect of different foods and food groups will be increased from the existing 19 to 144 . Of these 144 MLs, 84 make reference to Codex standards

·         The Amendment Regulation also provides definitions for individual foods and food groups

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