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Draft amendment on vitamin D fortification of dairy, farinaceous and non-alcoholic beverages published


Sep 23, 2021

The draft amendment is aimed at modifying the following articles of the General Food Regulations:

Article 203: Milk shall be fortified with vitamin D as follow     

Liquid/fluid milk products: A single dose of 1 µg/100ml.

Powdered milk products for reconstitution: A single dose of 10 µg/100g.

This obligation applies to all dairy products, such as flavored milks, concentrated milks, powdered milks, yoghurt, milk drinks, etc.

Article 205: The flour shall be fortified with vitamin D3 in a minimum quantity of 2.25 µg/100g, being able to be exceeded up to 40%.

Article 481 bis: Beverages of vegetable origin (alternatives to milk and its products) such as: almond, sesame, oat, soy, rice, coconut, chickpea, quinoa, or mixtures of these, shall be fortified with vitamin D3 in a single dose of 1 µg/100ml.

Public consultation period is open until October 22, 2021.

For further information (in Spanish), click on the Link

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